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High School Seniors' Recognition Program

The High School Seniors' Recognition Program was created in 1976, when Mrs. LaVerne Rand presented this idea to the members of the Beta Mu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

The program was designed to recognize students who demonstrated significant achievements while still in high school.  Over 40 years later, the High School Seniors Recognition Program has continued honoring the ideals upon which it was founded.  The program continues to recognize high school seniors for their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and community and civic engagement in addition to scholarship awards which became a part of the program in more recent years. 

Student seminars focus on life after high school, whether that is attending college, joining the armed forces or entering the workforce.  Seminars usually include college preparation, money management, etiquette, healthy living and mental & spiritual well-being.

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*Applications will be available July 1, 2024

Students must be graduating high school seniors (Class of 2025) at the time of the program.  Participating seniors cannot be parents.  Seniors may reside outside of Tarrant County.


Seniors may participate regardless of race, religion or national origin.


Seniors are given the opportunity to earn money and scholarships for graduation and college expenses.  For over 40 years, Beta Mu Omega has provided financial contributions for the betterment of the Fort Worth community.  In collaboration with Raising the Standard Foundation contributions exceed over $570,000 awarded in scholarships, cash incentive awards, and gifts.


All seniors accepted into the program are required to attend all workshops, service projects and the Ceremony.  Each Senior will have a minimum amount of funds to raise through activities such as sponsorships, donations and fundraiser sales.  

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